When on vacation, the goal is to create memories and bring them back with you. It’s now possible with YoSurf School, your surf and swimming school in Hossegor. This year, the school is expanding and the surf sessions will therefore be accompanied by a professional photographer to immortalize the moment.

Pictures Hossegor

Hossegor, the surf town in France is a perfect model for photography. With the waves, the dunes, the forest and the lifestyle of the locals, the surf photos here are incredible. Close to the Basque country (Biarritz, Anglet, Hendaye), in the Landes, Hossegor allows you to express your art thanks to breathtaking landscapes. The sun, the surfers with their boards: Hossegor is often considered as French California. This sometimes vintage vibe linking sport and a balanced life creates an exceptional picture.

Surf lesson pictures

With friends or family, you will have the opportunity to leave with surf photos to brag about your great level on your way home! The shots will be taken from the beach but also underwater to capture the best moments. This shoot is brought to you by YoSurf School. Sharing is one of our values ​​and that’s why we want to create memories. The photos will be taken with high quality equipment and camera! You will be able to see and retrieve your photos on the internet by flashing a QR Code leading you to the website. You will be asked for a selfie and the technology takes care of finding all your photos thanks to facial recognition! Magic, no? To find out more about our surf and swimming school in Hossegor, and our surf lessons, you can click here. We are available to welcome you all year round 7 days a week!

Surf School Pictures

Our surf and swimming school YoSurf School in Hossegor has been sharing photos with you for years on social networks. This year, Philippe joins the adventure to offer you an ever more complete service! Originally from the Alps, Philippe has been a professional photographer for many years. He particularly favors the world of sport and gourmet wide open spaces. You can follow his work on Instagram: @philippetoupet Finally, to learn more about surfing and follow our adventures, find us on Instagram, Tiktok and Facebook! For ever more content and surf photos! And if you also want to learn to surf, book online on our website !