''Hossegor surf'' is the destination to learn to surf

Hossegor Surf "City of Surfing"

Our surf and swimming school Yosurf School in Soorts Hossegor in the Landes in Aquitaine, invites you to discover and teach you surfing! The idyllic setting typical of the Southwest and in a breathtaking environment! With its label “The city of surfing” and its 7 kilometers of beach, the city of Hossegor is divided between marine lakes, ocean and dunes, offering the optimal conditions to practice this discipline. Your surf lessons and internships will be carried out on the best spots on the Atlantic coast such as La Gravière or La Nord. You will sometimes see monstrous waves there!

Hossegor Surf : Did you know ?

A land of surfing: the location of Hossegor on the Landes coast, directly opposite the Gouf de Capbreton is exceptional!

The Gascon name of Hossegor means the pit, in relation to the gouf of Capbreton, which is an underwater canyon located in front of Hossegor and Capbreton in the South-West of France. The dimensions of the Capbreton gouf are 3,500 meters deep, 270 km long and 15 km wide.

It allows the creation of waves of qualities recognized throughout France as well as worldwide. Adrenaline guaranteed for big wave hunters like Kyllian Guerin.

The Gouf is an underwater canyon off Hossegor and Capbreton, comparable to that of Nazaré in Portugal. Moreover, these two cities are twinned. The abyssal plain is full of marine resources allowing many cetaceans to evolve in a protected environment. Besides, you will certainly have the chance to see dolphins surfing the waves of Hossegor, incredible, isn’t it?

The exit from the port of Capbreton is placed opposite the Gouf. In the Landes department, the port of Capbreton is famous because it is the only Landes seaport, it is also highly coveted for its unique fish market. In the event of a storm, it is also a natural cave for fishing boats. In addition, its seabed hides a diversity of marine species, some of which are still unknown. Sometimes you don’t know what to expect!

In the port of Capbreton, fishing is the main attraction: sole, sea bream, squid, hake, pout, meager… There is something for everyone! For more than 7 centuries, the pioneers of artisanal fishing have practiced this activity in Capbreton. Baiting is mainly done with nets, bottom trawls, longlines and pots. Their loot is sold every morning at the auction at the foot of the Capitainerie de Capbreton. A happening not to be missed and the opportunity to treat yourself to a good local meal. Why deprive yourself of it?

The tide, a variation in the level of the ocean caused by the attraction of the moon and the sun, is one of the important elements of the surf forecast (or surf forecasts). The tide calendar is essential for any coastal area. Every day for all the ports on the Landes coast, it predicts the low tide and high tide times. Every day, the times are different, which is why surfing remains predictable. However, sometimes the tide is a real test for surfers and surf schools who have to adapt to it.

Hossegor Beach : Incredible Waves

Thanks to its particular oceanic topographic configurations, the beaches of Hossegor offer waves of all levels. Thanks to the diversification of the seabed, we can thus observe perfect waves for beginners and a few hundred meters from the waves intended for surfers with a high level, professional or experienced.

No other spot than Hossegor in France and Europe can claim so many favorable conditions for surfing. In such an exceptional and localized natural area, French surfing is practiced in a unique environment.

This is why Hossegor is the land of welcome for surfers, and the capital of surfing in Europe. Hossegor, home of surfing and healthy lifestyle!

Hossegor Weather : Perfect to surf

Surfing is a weather dependent practice. Indeed, depending on the weather conditions, the waves will evolve.

To surf we take into account the Hossegor surf report (surf forecast). These show tides, swell size, wave period, and forecast wind. Taking this weather data into account we can predict the best surfing conditions in Hossegor.

It is important for beginners to take into account the Hossegor weather to surf waves adapted to their level. Indeed, the waves offshore may seem small but are actually 2 meters deep. You can watch the Hossegor webcam to check the conditions before you go surfing. We will teach you the basic rules during a surf lesson in Hossegor. Book now ! This will ensure your surfing safety!

Camping Hossegor Surf : Tourists are welcome !

In Hossegor, trips to visit the various natural sites can be done very easily by bike. More than 40 km of cycle paths have been created to access all basic necessities and tourism services in Hossegor. So you can cycle, go to the beach, to the market, do your shopping, have a drink without stress. In addition, the region has adapted to tourism with many hotels, campsites, lodges, inns and house renting (rental) in Hossegor.

The markets of Capbreton, Hossegor and Seignosse will welcome you with their local products and specialties originating from the South-West. The moment to bathe in the culture of the South West of France and to shop some wonders.

For nature-loving hikers, the Landes forest is immense, miles of forest paths, an environment protected by the ONF will fill you with large spaces of smell of pines and typical flowers.

Stroll on the cycle paths around Lake Hossegor, go sunbathe on the fine sandy beaches, take a break at the end of the day in front of the sunset at the Hossegor power station, here is the summary in a few lines of the quality of Landes life! The trip of your dreams awaits you in Hossegor Surf, so book your stay in the Landes. It is also the inevitable place for a surf trip!

Yosurf-School invites you to discover the Southwest, this unique environment, ideal for surfing and other discoveries.

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Hossegor and its typical South West beaches ideal for surfing.

Hossegor (Landes)

In the heart of the south west, Les Landes between forest and water points.

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