Yosurf-school presents its concept ''Hossegor surf coaching''

Our surf school in Hossegor, Yosurf-School offers to teach you or help you progress technically in surfing by transmitting its values ​​and passion for surfing to you.

We guarantee you, whatever your level (novice or experienced), progress ensured by our technical learning method called “Hossegor surf coaching”.

Our advantages? Teach you surfing with professional pedagogy and equipment suitable for all levels, thanks to our different “Hossegor Surf School” formulas and our specific teaching method called “Hossegor surf coaching”.

In the heart of the South-West of France (Landes department), the destination ”Hossegor surf” is legendary for beginners or to experiment in surfing.

The vast majority of surf schools, during surf lessons and courses in Hossegor-Capbreton-Seignosse, adopt a pedagogy and technical teaching where the surf instructors are with the students in the water to “push them into the waves” .

This way of learning naturally results in a lack of autonomy. The student without autonomy remains dependent on the instructor.

Consequently, he does not have the technical background to take a wave alone, his progress stagnates and his performance does not evolve.

The results after a surf course are very often catastrophic in terms of safety, the ability to analyze the ocean, the waves and the danger of the baïnes currents.

During the surf lesson, the instructor in the water is deprived of part of his vision which is obstructed by the undulations of the swell and cannot technically assess his students.

Indeed, when a student surfs a wave, he starts from the open sea directly on the beach.

The student arriving at the edge of the beach thanks to the wave, can fall on the sand and get injured, the surf instructor will be too far to see the facts and intervene to help him.

The student “hidden” behind the undulations of the swell becomes invisible to the gaze of his instructor.

In the water, the vision of his surf instructor is reduced, this obviously poses a real problem of safety, evolution and quality of teaching.

The vision reduces to 75% the technical expertise of the surf instructor who will have as perception, the head and the shoulders of the student, that is to say 25% of the essential information for the technical progress.

With 25% technical information on the student, his technical progress will obviously be longer and the fundamentals put aside.

A specific example: In swimming, is the lifeguard in the water or outside during his lessons?

Technical results of these surf lessons and courses based on ”surf animation”:

– Little progression after the surf courses.

– No autonomy without the surf instructor and the inability to rent equipment or buy a surfboard to practice alone.

– The fundamental aspect of analyzing the surfing conditions of the day before going surfing is non-existent.

– The safety related to the choice of the spot, the tide, the placement in the water is therefore non-existent.

Some examples of incredible cases that occur very regularly: Many instructors practice surfing during lessons, which poses real problems for their educational investment and the safety of their students. The students are unfit to take the waves on their own since the surf instructor is constantly pushing them into the foam or the waves “the instructor becomes a funfair animator”, “the ocean becomes a park of ‘attraction “. Many “false surf instructors, trainees and ISA graduates” (15-day training to become a certified surf instructor) will use this method to fill their many deficiencies and technical gaps. The end result: in many surf schools in Hossegor, you are offered surf lessons like in an amusement park, the technical evolution is non-existent. Surf lessons and internships in Hossegor at Yosurf-Shool: our qualified and experienced surf instructors stay positioned directly on the beach, their eyes are fixed on the students, they are facing their group, to permanently obtain a complete vision of the surf session. Each wave surfed by his students must be seen from the start to the finish at the arrival on the beach. The objective is to obtain the best view of the surf session and therefore a maximum of technical information in order to give instructions adapted to each surfer. The surf instructor can thus determine the student’s position in the water, the choice of wave, the wave grip, the recovery (take-off), the placement of the gaze, shoulders, arms, feet on the surfboard… All this technical analysis gives an evolution and a concrete technical quality, the experienced surf instructor, transmits his opinions to each student. Our surf school favors a friendly and warm atmosphere to teach you our passion with our method called ”Hossegor surf coaching”. During each surf session, from the beach, the surf instructor corrects and makes aware of each particular technical error. Each in turn, the students get out of the water to get personalized technical advice. The student benefits from an adapted and personalized pedagogy relating to his level, his expectations, his skills and his progress. Each student needs advice and specific expertise relating to their level, morphology, physical condition, age, experiences… All of this is individualized for each surf session. The technical errors observed are modified directly at each stage and according to the progress of the student. A maximum of educational and technical advice is given during each surf session. Hossegor surf coaching is also about safety: Safety is at its maximum since the surf instructor remains in front of his group and can consider intervening in the event of a problem. The surf instructor helps and assists his students to take waves in the water only in these particular cases: – People with disabilities, overweight -In wave conditions requiring the mandatory presence of the instructor. The essential parts of our “Hossegor surf coaching” concept: -Know how to read and analyze the ocean. -Choose your surf spot. -Assess current and wave height. – Evaluate the possibility of taking waves according to the technical level of the surfers in the water. – Project yourself in your actions (positioning in the water and choice of wave). -Choose your surfboard according to the conditions. -The choice of foam or wave. -The timing of rowing and recovery (take-off). These different phases are essential in order to make the student technically autonomous and ensure optimal safety. Our “Hossegor surf coaching” method will accompany you step by step to: -Learn to surf and acquire the basics of surfing. – Catch waves by yourself. -Perfect your sliding style. -be at the highest level of safety in the ocean. We are here to help you discover this sport, meet your expectations and satisfy your desires. The particular nature of the South-West and the Landes offering only a limited time of good surfing conditions, our technique, our flexibility as well as our sportsmanship allow us to be in the right place at the right time, with the best conditions. so that everyone can enjoy learning, improving and discovering surfing. Our goal ? At Yosurf-School, you will progress according to your desires and at your own pace while taking maximum pleasure. We will offer you mythical sliding sensations with the best destination “Hossegor surf” and one of the best surf spots in Europe!!
Cours de surf Hossegor Seignosse Capbreton
Cours de surf Hossegor Seignosse Capbreton
Cours de surf Hossegor Seignosse Capbreton
Cours de surf Hossegor Seignosse Capbreton
Cours de surf Hossegor Seignosse Capbreton