Yosurf-School, your surf club in Hossegor in the Landes – Our 2022 project

Welcome to Yosurf-School, your future surf club in Hossegor in the Landes! From 2022, our surf school awaits you to introduce you to surfing all year round, in Hossegor, the legendary surfing town! Eh yes ! Since the 1970s, Hossegor destination for surfing has been the delight of many surfers wishing to enjoy quality waves in the heart of an incredible setting. So don’t wait any longer! Become a member of our surf club in Hossegor and train with the team of our experienced instructors!

Category of licensees of our Landes surf club:

At Yosurf-School, can register the: Minimes (children 10 to 13 years old) Cadets (teens aged 13 to 15) Juniors (teens aged 16 to 18) Seniors (+ 18 years old) So, if you want to live an unforgettable “surf experience”, our surf club in Hossegor in the Landes is waiting for you soon!

Hossegor surf club license rates in the Landes: (In project 2022)

In 2022, two types of rates will be offered: Hossegor surf license price for the year. Monthly Hossegor surf license price.

Objectives of our training

Our Hossegor surf club, our training will prepare you for: Landes Surfing Championship. French Surfing Championship. All “surf sessions” will take place in suitable weather conditions to allow you to train in the best possible conditions with our Hossegor surf club. The different phases of surf training with Yosurf-School By going through our surf club, your training will be broken down into several stages. Warming up before the surf course Warming up before surf training is essential. It must become a reflex like “checking the spot” or the conditions. With Yosurf-School, training takes place directly on the beach in front of the best surf spot in Hossegor, Capbreton or Seignosse. Training allows you to maintain good physical condition and avoid muscle contractures. The surfer is thus ready to use the different energy pathways during his intensive surf training. Result: he will be physically efficient both in training and in competition. Focus on the energy sectors: Anaerobic alactic system: intense effort based on rowing sprints to catch a wave. Anaerobic system: intensive and rhythmic effort, used for peak positioning and to keep priority during the series in competition. Aerobic system: effort based on a slow rhythm in order to keep your good position on the surf spot in relation to the breaking of the waves. Technical coaching with our south-west surf club This is broken down as follows: Analysis of the conditions of waves, tides, currents in order to determine the best strategy to best exploit the technical capacity of each surfer. Clear and logical educational feedback in front of the spot. Video analysis at our surf club with the whole group after each training session in Hossegor. Analysis of the surfboards adapted to each surfer in order to express their style with regularity and radicalism on all the surf spots of the Landes and the Basque Country. Learning about the aquatic environment and compulsory swimming training. “Waterman-Surf training” designed to be safe in all types of small or big waves.
South Beach Hossegor
Cours de surf Hossegor Seignosse Capbreton
Hossegor surf - cours de surf à Hossegor
Hossegor lake
Cours de surf Hossegor Seignosse Capbreton

Yosurf-School, a surf club in Hossegor to learn, evolve and progress in surfing!

Our surf club based in Hossegor in the southwest offers each surfer a professional follow-up so that each licensee improves his technical abilities as much as possible. The potential of all surfers is therefore analyzed in detail in order to target training individually. At the beginning of 2022, our French surf school will be merged into a surf club in Hossegor! We look forward to helping you benefit from our professional coaching experience at the heart of our surf club in Hossegor, the city of all surfers!