To become a true king of board sports, Yo Surf School offers surf lessons in Hossegor. Our surf school in the Landes offers lessons for children and adults, but also courses for your works council, for example. Contact us to learn more about our surf lessons in Hossegor.

Surf lessons for adults

Yo Surf School first offers surf courses for adults. Whether you are a beginner or have a little experience, we adapt our surf lessons to all levels. During the course, you will have at your disposal boards, bodyboards and wetsuits. These 1h30 lessons will teach you to integrate the technical basics of surfing, to keep the safety rules in mind, and to understand the environment of Hossegor on your board.

Private surf lesson

Private surf lessons are aimed at experienced or even very qualified surfers. The lessons take place in 1 hour, in pairs (no more than 2 students) or in private lessons. Before the lesson, we carry out a 10-minute technical evaluation with the teacher in order to identify persistent faults, which we then try to correct. The evaluation includes the observation of the placement in the water, the choice of the wave, the timing of the oar, take-off, the turns and maneuvers, or the placement of the arms and shoulders. At the end of the course, we draw up a technical assessment to improve.

Surf lessons for children

No question for your little darlings to stay on the edge. At Yo Surf School we also offer child size boards and wetsuits! Our kids surf lessons are for ages 12+ and cover beginner to intermediate levels. In order to surf safely, we create homogeneous groups of 8 children, according to their age, their level, and the physical form of each one. The lessons focus on the technical basics, such as the start in the foam, the recovery, the management of balance and speed, etc. All lessons are organized at low tide, for more safety.

Surf lesson for senior

You’re never too old to start surfing! That’s why we also offer surf lessons for people over 60. As with children, we categorize students according to their physical condition. These courses in small groups ensure that you learn the basics of surfing in complete safety, or even consolidate your knowledge if you are more experienced.

Surf course for works council

If you want to take a breather after a year of hard work and unite your colleagues during a relaxing outing, surfing is probably the solution for you. Yo Surf School organizes surf courses for works councils. Surfing is an ideal sport to exercise but also to decompress in a natural setting. Nothing like the beauty of Hossegor to forget your worries. Surfing also serves to surpass oneself and cultivate a collective intelligence. It is by exchanging advice that you can progress in this difficult discipline, while maintaining your good humor and enjoying the waves.

Surf lessons for schools

Yo Surf School also offers surf lessons in a school setting. For an offbeat and unforgettable outing, do not hesitate to entrust us with your little class. In order to ensure safe surf instruction, we will divide the classes into small groups of 8 and we will practice this activity at low tide.

Surf spirit

Finally, to discover Hossegor and live an exceptional surfing experience, Yo Surf School offers you the Spirit of Surfing. This surf camp in Hossegor takes place over a whole day, with a break of 1h30 for lunch. During this course, an instructor will take you to lesser-known spots, far from the beaten and touristic tracks. The Spirit of Surf seeks to reconnect you with the ancestral spirit of surfing and to make you admire the wild nature that accompanies it.