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Yosurf à Hossegor

Come and experience an adult surf course in Hossegor in the Landes with Yosurf-School!

Do you want to learn to surf? Would you rather consolidate your technical bases acquired in previous years?

Our surf school – Yosurf-School – located in Hossegor, a few kilometers from Seignosse and Capbreton, awaits you for your group adult surf course!

Our objective is clear: to quickly make you autonomous so that you can surf with confidence on the very beautiful waves of the south-west region.

Why embark on an adult surf course in Hossegor in the Landes with Yosurf-School?

The technical objectives of our adult surf course are:

Mastery of the technical basics of surfing: wave catching, recovery (take-off), balance, speed, stability…
Knowledge of security and priority rules.
Discovery and analysis of the typical environment of the South-West (sand bank, bays, currents, dangers, etc.).
Our group surfing course for adults therefore rhymes with pleasure and discovery. In addition to surfing simply incredible waves, you will be amazed by the magnificent landscapes around you. Moreover, we also offer the Hossegor surf camp formula, ideal for day surfing while contemplating the typical setting of the south-west.

So, ready to embark on an adult surf course with our surf school?

The organization of our group surfing lessons for adults

Our group surf course is for all adults, whatever their surfing level. To guarantee you pleasant and complete courses, we organize them as such:

Creation of groups according to the level and age of the participants for a perfect homogeneity.
Eight students maximum per group.
The pace of the lessons varies according to the technical level of the participants and the wave conditions.
Schedules of surf lessons adapted according to the tide, the sandbanks and the technical level of each one.
To guarantee optimal and safe practice conditions, beginner surfers and children will always be registered for the low tide schedule (find out more about children’s surf lessons). Confirmed surfers will be registered for the mid-tide and high tide slots (do not hesitate to discover our private surfing lessons intended for high-level surfers wishing to progress).

For maximum pleasure, we draw the attention of our future students that a basic level of sport is strongly recommended to make the most of the lessons and this intense sporting practice that is surfing!

Are you interested in an adult surf course in Hossegor? Contact us so we can sign you up for our next group surf lesson for adults!

école de surf Hossegor, Seignosse, Capbreton

To know about our group adult surf lesson

Security -Learning of security and priority rules. -Learning about the ocean and its dangers. (baïnes, shore break, current…) -Choice of the site according to the wave conditions and the level of the students. -Intervention and rescue equipment nearby during lessons. -Courses canceled (refund) or postponed in the event of a storm or storm. Surfing equipment -All equipment is provided, you only need a towel and a bathing suit. -Boards adapted to your size and your level of surfing. (Foam boards with soft fins for maximum safety suitable for beginners) – Wetsuits: shorty for summer and full 4/3 mm for spring and autumn. (Respect for hygiene rules: equipment disinfected after each use) -All surf lessons are given by qualified instructors. -Our main objective is to guarantee you an excellent quality of teaching. – Liability insurance is also included in our rates.
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Did you know ? If you want to please your employees with a unique and original team building in the Landes, we also offer surf lessons for works councils.

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