Surf Seniors Lessons Hossegor

The goals of senior surf lessons

Yosurf-school gives surf lessons especially adapted to the reprocessed people, who do not present a counter-indication to the practice of surfing, to initiate itself there. Surfing can be practised by all and the seniors do not make exception! To prevent pathological ageing, it is shown that it is advisable to remain active intellectually but also physically and socially. The ideal for elderly people is thus to take part in physical-activities adapted to their physical capacities and to practise them in group.
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The elderly people need challenges to raise with the daily newspaper. Too many elderly people tend to believe that their life is behind them, concentrate on their deficits and do not benefit sufficiently from their capacities. ut one can always achieve a lot of things, including going up on a board of surfing under ideal conditions. All must be made to decrease to the maximum the accident risk: boards out of foam and initiation by a tested monitor. To put itself at surfing makes it possible “to rejuvenate” in its body and especially in its head. The fact of practising a labelled sport “young” cannot be that beneficial for the regard of oneself. The fact of mixing with younger surfers creates a healthy emulation: the “old men” are flattered to note that they manage to follow younger surfers. The young people are sometimes piqués with sharp to see that Papi paddle more quickly than them. The intergenerational practice of surfing is seen on certain beaches of Hawaii where it happens that the grandfather surfs with his back-small children !
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