Ocean Swimming lesson in Hossegor France

You have made up your mind, this year you will spend your holidays by the ocean! The town of Hossegor is the surfing and swimming destination for you. Even if surfing can be considered a religion here, it’s not just that. Our love for the ocean doesn’t always translate to a surfboard. Indeed, we love our fine sandy beaches and spending our days playing sports at sea. We want to convey to you these feelings of communion with the elements without a surfboard. That’s why our surf and swimming school club offers Sea Swimming and Ocean Discovery in Hossegor! A sport that changes usual routines: running, cycling… This summer, let’s swim!

Why taking a sea swimming and ocean discovery course?

Our surf and swimming school in Hossegor, Yosurf-School, offers sea swimming and ocean discovery lessons. But before explaining what these sessions consist of, let us first introduce you to the issues and benefits of them.

Safety first in the ocean !

Indeed, every summer, many accidents occur on our beaches due to people not knowing how to interact with the power and dangers of the ocean. At our surf and swim school, your safety is our priority. Many tourists still underestimate the marine environment and think they know how to swim well enough not to put themselves in danger. But think again, mother nature is smart and don’t be fooled by a calm ocean. Here, the tides, currents, baths and waves are powerful and you could be surprised. Our sea swimming and ocean discovery lessons are there to teach you how to evolve in the ocean in a playful and fun way. An effective 2 in 1 for the well-being of your holidays.
In addition, for families coming with children, it is stressful for you, parents to bring your children to swim. With the conditions of the Atlantic Ocean, it can be dangerous and stress should have no place during your stay. With our swimming lessons in Hossegor, adults, teenagers and children (+12 years old) will learn how to manage swimming, the dangers to avoid, and also how to read the sea conditions to know when and where there are safety dangers. of bathing. Prevention against countless summer accidents due to the lack of knowledge of swimmers is a primary motivating factor for our surf and swimming school.

The benefits of ocean swimming course

Taking a swimming lesson or an internship at sea could be very useful for you and your loved ones! So come and learn the rules of the ocean in a fun and sporty way. The benefits of swimming are well known and they are the same in the ocean. A combination of swimming, thalassotherapy, and fun! Our surf and swimming school in Hossegor accompanies you for coaching worthy of the future champions that you are. It is important to practice a physical activity even on vacation, indeed it helps your body to release the pressure and your mind to escape. Tourism does not always rhyme with idleness, it can also mean water sports, culture and sharing. In addition, practicing exercises in the water allows your body to be free in its movements, to move without difficulty and therefore to feel the benefits. Suitable for children (juniors) as well as seniors, swimming in the sea is the flagship sporting activity of your holidays in Hossegor.

Swimming in the ocean : an incredible environment !

This sport where France has excelled for years at the Olympic Games is reinventing itself to offer you an extraordinary training environment. No more physical activity in municipal or inter-municipal swimming pools that you are used to. The ocean is at your disposal for unforgettable sea swimming lessons. Take out the swimsuits, everyone in the water! We will lend you equipment if the ocean is a bit chilly. Also remember to take water goggles if you feel more comfortable. Who knows, you might be able to see some dolphins.

How does a Sea Swimming and Ocean Discovery course works?

The sessions last 30 minutes, we provide the wetsuits (full or shorty from spring) for the activity. The sessions take place at high tide in order to favor the calm sea for swimming as in a swimming pool. Are you wondering how a sea swimming session is organised? We will start with a warm-up on the fine sand with a light jog then to reward you with a small dip in the water with a few meters of crawl. During the session, we will improve your front crawl and back crawl technique for 15 minutes, with round trips and the management of the aquatic environment of the day. Then we will see together what is the ventral and dorsal balance. Finally, we will end up with bodysurfing in the waves in order to finish in a playful and fun way in order to feel the sensations of sliding but also to learn to read the waves and know how to get back on the fine sand in complete safety. To finish, stretching at the end of the session will allow you to avoid aches and get back in top shape the next day!

So here's the planning !

The objectives of the session:
  • Explanation of the dangers of the ocean duration 5 minutes (prevention of the risk of drowning):
  • Know how to spot the Baines.
  • Knowing how to return safely in the event of a baïne current.
  • Wave formation and breaking.
  • Placement of bathing areas, signage of baths and surf areas.
Course of the session: Warm-up: 5 minutes on the beach (jogging, entry into the water with a dive, crawl then back crawl over 15 meters) The session : 15 minutes Explanation of the different techniques:
  • Crawl technique + practice.
  • The technique of the backstroke + practice.
  • Explanation of ventral and dorsal balance
Bodysurfing: 5 minutes
  • Learning to glide in the waves without equipment.
  • Return to the beach safely thanks to the waves (prevention of the risk of drowning)

In addition to Sea Swimming, discover our different formulas

At this stage don’t hesitate any longer, for a good holiday in complete serenity and away from the dangers of the Atlantic Ocean, our swimming course & ocean discovery is the perfect formula for you. Book online now on our website. In addition to surfing and swimming lessons, we also offer Aquagym and Aquafitness lessons! It’s a real triathlon in our surf and swimming school in Hossegor. Who knows, you may be able to participate in the next departmental swimming and coastal rescue championships thanks to our coaches and their advice! Find all our rates by clicking here. and book your session by clicking here. Do not hesitate to consult our articles on swimming and surfing in Hossegor to better prepare your stay and follow the news.